The 20 most beautiful photo locations in Augsburg

Augsburg. A really beautiful city that looks even more beautiful with each subsequent visit.

When I started my Instagram account, I wasn’t really aware of how many beautiful corners the city has to offer. Since I’ve been running my Instagram account for several years now, I really know a lot of places worth seeing that I would like to share with you in this blog post.

By the way, I already wrote my blog post about the most beautiful spots in Augsburg in 2019. At that time, the 10 most beautiful spots could be found in the post. But since I’ve discovered many more great photo locations over the years, I thought I’d take the chance and expand this post to the 20 most beautiful photo spots. Have fun!

1. Botanical Garden Augsburg

Especially in spring/summer, the botanical garden in Augsburg is definitely worth a visit. In spring 2018, a friend and I were looking for a cherry blossom tree for a long time and lo and behold: the botanical garden definitely has a lot to offer – not just a super beautiful cherry blossom tree.

Here you will find some information about the botanical garden (opening hours, address, entrance fees): destinations/botanical-garden/

2nd boat trip Augsburg

How nice is this location please? Boating is not only a lot of fun, it can also take breathtaking photos. Of course I don’t drive around with flowers every day. Of course I took them with me especially for the photo. The perfect thing is that after the boat trip you can still have a delicious meal in the associated restaurant. It is best to call before your visit to see if you can go boating. It sometimes happens that there is a closed society.

Kahnfahrt Website:

3. Schaetzler Palace

Do you know the famous Maximilianstraße in Augsburg? Then you should actually know the Schaetzlerpalais. The Schaetzlerpalais is also called the pearl of the rococo, because the pretty building was built at the end of the baroque period. A must for every Augsburg visitor. The building is also particularly popular with photographers. I have often seen wedding couples being photographed there. Be sure to walk down the aisle to the end. You wouldn’t even think that there is a small, pretty inner courtyard there. In the summer, this is a valued resort.

Be sure to visit the Schaetzler Museum. It’s not very big but a dream from the inside. The photo below on the right was taken from this.

There is more information here:

4. Basilica of Ortisei and Afra

How beautiful is the Basilica of St. Ulrich and Afra? When I visit Augsburg, I almost always stop there and take photos, because I think the motif is really great. How do you like it? Did you know that the church is also a pilgrimage church for the Augsburg diocese saints Ulrich, Afra and Simpert? I only experienced that in my elective subject ‘Art History’ during my studies. Super exciting!

5. Hercules Fountain

i love it One of my favorite photos is the one on the right, which was taken at the Hercules Fountain in the middle of Maximilianstrasse. There are also occasional wedding shoots. You might feel like you’re being watched while taking photos, as the fountain is in the middle of the street, with cars and buses passing left and right. Incidentally, the Hercules fountain has been there since 1600 and is a special bronze structure that stood for the wealth of Augsburg at the time.

6. Town Hall Square

This perspective from the town hall square will certainly not be familiar to some. The frontal perspective is of course also super nice, but mostly very crowded. So if you prefer to take photos undisturbed, I recommend you to take a look at the back of the town hall. How do you like the motif? It’s good, isn’t it?

7. Maximilianstrasse

There are many bars, cafés and clubs on Maximilianstraße, but also great photo locations. It is not for nothing that it is one of the art-historically most important streets in southern Germany. I just love to stroll along there. The two pictures were taken on this street. The left photo with the lantern was taken just before the Ulrichskirche. We took the photo on the right across from Arkada’s kebab shop.

8. Fuggerei

To get to this spot you have to stop by the Fuggerei in Augsburg. Don’t you know her yet? Then let’s go. The Fuggerei is the oldest still existing social settlement in the world, which was built by Jakob Fugger. Many years ago, the Fuggers were one of the leading merchant families in the imperial city. To get to the Fuggerei you have to pay an entrance fee. In any case, there are also a few beautiful photo motifs in the inner courtyard, which look great, especially in autumn. You can find the door by walking around the Fuggerei. You do not have to pay an entrance fee for this.

9. Kapuzinergasse

This alley is actually a bit hidden and many people don’t know it yet, although there is one of the little preserved rococo buildings from the 17th century, the Kathanhaus. Nice alley, isn’t it?

9. Hotel Maximilian’s

Katharinengasse is located next to Hotel Maximilian’s. It is very popular with Augsburg bloggers because the alley has a great, simple look.

Perfect for outfit photos.

10. Coffee Fellows

The Coffee Fellows at Karlstraße 7 not only offers delicious coffee and snacks, but is also great for a small photo shoot.

The dark interior looks classy in photos. It is best to ask the staff beforehand if it is okay if you take a few photos.

11. Augsburg old town

I can recommend you to just stroll through the many small streets in Augsburg. In many places you will find really cute places that are worth photographing. Here we go! Makes the area unsafe.

12. Lech Augsburg

The Lech in Augsburg offers many beautiful spots. It is not only worth coming here in summer, but also in winter or autumn it is a great photo location. By the way, I also like to go swimming in the Lech in summer, because there is very little going on there, you have peace and quiet and can just relax.

The exact location is here: 48.348737, 10.938348

13. Graffiti Wall

You may have noticed the graffiti wall when driving past in the direction of the City Gallery. The graffiti changes occasionally. What do you think of the motif in my photo? Looks cool right?

You can find the exact location here: 48.364420, 10.903889

14. Deaconess Hospital

It’s hard to believe, but the brick building has been there since 1890. It always fascinates me and I love coming back here. It’s best to see for yourself. Even if it’s a bit strange to shoot in front of a hospital and you’ll probably be watched by many patients from the window, it’s definitely worth stopping by here. You can also make a detour to the zeit.los café. This is directly in the house opposite.

15. Slaughterhouse

Since we are already at the brick buildings, let’s continue with the slaughterhouse. Admittedly, the name doesn’t exactly invite you to visit. But don’t worry, since 2004 the slaughterhouse has been closed in these buildings. Thank God! The houses are a bit out of the city center, about 25 minutes walk. Who would have thought it, but there are also numerous restaurants with delicious offers. So if you feel a little hungry after a shoot, you can go straight to feasting.

A little bit further it goes to the Proviantbach Bridge.

Especially when the creek is full and the trees are blooming, it is also worth taking a few photos here.

16. Prince Regent Fountain

Augsburg has many historic fountains. This one, near the train station, really appeals to me, as there is usually very little going on here. Perfect for the photo, of course! I just really like the backdrop. The cool thing is that the deaconess house is only about a 3-minute walk away. So you can connect your shooting with this location right away.

17. Court Garden

Do you already know the great gardens in the cathedral district of Augsburg? Especially in spring and summer it is simply fascinating here. Various types of trees and flowers grow there. You will definitely find the perfect photo motif here. But it’s not just great for taking photos there. At the end of the courtyard garden there is a water lily pond with some seating and even a small mobile library. So if you just want to unwind with your friends, you’ve come to the right place! In addition, not only the courtyard garden is beautiful in itself, but walk around the buildings. There you will find numerous other great spots like this door in the picture below.

18. Starbucks Coffee

Fancy a little break? The Starbucks in Augsburg opened in 2018 and of course I took the chance to check out the photo location. Who would have thought that there is such a great roof terrace. You can not only watch the crowd from above, but also take beautiful photos with a great backdrop. It’s really nice there in both summer and winter.

19. Parking Deck City Gallery

Exactly. you read correctly You can actually take photos on the City Gallery parking deck. Cars are not allowed to park there on Sundays. So take the chance to stop by there on this day. I really like it here, because you also have a great view of the city. By the way, some photographers like to come here in the evening, because the photos look even more beautiful in the sunset light!

20. State and City Library

I love Augsburg’s old buildings so much, but most of all I love the many old doors the city has to offer. There really are a lot of them, including this one. If you want to take photos at this location, you will definitely get a lot of looks, because it is right on a main road. Much fun!

I could of course continue the list a little, because there are just so many beautiful places in Augsburg. Augsburg is a very old, historic city and really has a lot of beautiful buildings to offer. If I have one or the other spot that you may know, but I don’t yet, then be sure to let me know! To everyone who always replied to my Augsburg Stories on Instagram that Augsburg is so beautiful. Oh yes, you are so right. Just come visit me in Augsburg! 😉